Kathryn Edwards is an artist who was born in the Sirhowy valley region of South Wales, some 30 miles north of the Welsh capitol city of Cardiff.

The area where she grew up is a contrasting mix of dramatic mountain, moorlandand forestry landscapes overlaid with the manmade but equally dramatic structures of thebygone ages of the heavy industry of iron and coal mining, quarrying and steel production.

The industrial frenzy the area experienced for decades was very much in decline during Kathryn’s early years and the region became the arena of much political and economic unrest. Kathryn believes that growing up surrounded by the contrasts of amazing natural beauty overshadowed by such social and economic downturn and neglect enhanced her appreciation of varied natural landscapes and their diversities as they have been evolved to suit the needs of mankind.



Her local education included basic art classes where a certain natural talent began to emerge. Submission by her school of one of Kathryn’s water colour paintings into a regional newspaper’s art competition for several hundredprimary school students within the district saw her take second prize at the age of 10 for a busy Bonfire Night celebrations scene.

Kathryn maintained her interest in art into her teens achieving Ordinary and Advanced level exam passes in the subject by the age of 18. She particularly enjoyed her two years Advanced course which included the study of design and a history of architecture combined with practical art projects and course work.

Her favourite medium for painting is oil on canvas using brush and pallet knife techniques. Kathryn also intends to devote more time to pencil and charcoal sketching with the intention of producing works of a standard suitable for public exhibition.

Having grown up in such a deprived area, Kathryn’s love of art took a back seat after her school years. She felt she could not make a living from her art and so concentrated on a more certain career. A temporary job in the Civil Service at the age of 19 took Kathryn away from her home town and she spent several years living and working in the south east of England.

Kathryn later returned close to homeand settled in the Welsh capitol, Cardiff where she still lives and works today. She has maintained a career in the financial services sector spanning over 20 yearsand found an outlet for her creativity by undertaking property development projects and some minor roles in TV and film productions. Whilst still maintaining an interest in these fields, she has also now found time to return to art.

Having rediscovered her passion for painting, her first works for many years were well received and she currently exhibits regularly at The Frame Shop& Gallery in Pontcanna, Cardiff and the Off The Wall Gallery in Llandaff.Her first year’s work saw two of her paintings selected for the 2013 National Eisteddfod and a year later, in her first approach, she was shortlisted for the prestigious Royal Academy of Art’s 2014 summer exhibition in London.

Kathryn hopes to keep building upon these early achievements whilst producing an original and diverse collection of art work.